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Advancements in digital communications, self-publishing and distribution platforms have paved the way for a relatively new facet of marketing – content marketing. This form of outreach is centered around the creation and distribution of content to attract prospects, affirm brand loyalty and gain recognition as industry experts. It’s also a crucial component of search engine optimization (SEO), which determines how high you rank in search engines like Google for certain keyword phrases. In short, your company can’t afford to neglect fresh and valuable content if it wants to be found.


Nearly all Aker Ink clients integrate traditional PR with some form of content marketing. Together, these tactics can powerfully tell any story and penetrate any audience.

A Multitude of Tactics at Your Disposal

Content Marketing Tactics

Content marketing is often associated with blogging – and for good reason. Well-crafted blogs are easy to publish, soaked up by most audiences and provide excellent fodder for social media platforms. They can be integral to establishing companies or individuals as knowledgeable thought leaders. Think about it: If you become a trusted resource to your customers and prospects, they are more likely to buy your products and services.


Further, content marketing directly supports the sales process. In addition to boosting digital and social media initiatives, content such as case studies, white papers and videos, provides sales teams with the tools they need to educate and convert prospects.


You’ve got many options. We can help you identify and create the right content, maximize distribution opportunities and grow your network.

Our Content Marketing Process is Thoughtful

Effective content marketing goes beyond copywriting. While superb writing is essential, a holistic strategy also aims to build awareness, educate target audiences, support SEO and generate leads. Our process includes:

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Fresh content is indispensable. Our gifted writers always find new and innovative ways to share your message, while staying in tune with industry updates and best practices. Learn more on our blog:

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We can make your brand shine and customers sing. The message, the look, the delivery – they can all impact the bottom line. See what we can do for you.

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