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Smart Crisis Communication Strategies Can Help You Mitigate Damage, Rise Up After a Storm

When your reputation is at stake, the worry and stress can often lead to irrational behaviors. There may be a tendency to hide, retract or freeze when immediate and corrective action is needed.


In an age when breaking news hits social networks in seconds, a coordinated crisis communications strategy is paramount. There are tried-and-true methods for managing internal and external communications during a crisis situation. Unfortunately, there are also approaches that can inadvertently create even more disorder. We can help you navigate the best path to mitigate damage and create a new foundation for moving forward post-crisis.

Pre-Crisis Communications



Since a crisis usually occurs when you least expect it, it is critically important to create a crisis response plan, draft statements, train spokespersons, prepare staff and brainstorm possible corrective actions – all when you’re not under the gun.

Crisis Communications



During a crisis situation, being available, transparent and truthful will ultimately get you past the turmoil. Your message, delivery and reaction to public response needs careful and critical thought, backed by operational and service/product adjustments.

Post Crisis Communications

Post-Crisis Foundation

When a crisis situation ends, a new post-crisis strategy begins. What corrective actions did you employ and how did they work? How are you preventing another crisis from occurring? You need a multi-faceted plan to communicate your reemergence and assess rebranding options.

Crisis Prevention


The ideal time to plan for a crisis is when you aren’t having one. It may seem counterintuitive, yet preventative efforts –  such as spokesperson training, notification systems and social media monitoring, can drastically mitigate future crises and reduce damage to your reputation.

The Modern Business’ Guide to Crisis Communication Planning

With a proactive plan, businesses can activate their response at the first signs of a crisis. As you examine your crisis communication strategy, consider these resources:

Don’t Fan the Fire
It’s easy to become overwhelmed during a crisis, which can lead to irrational action that wouldn’t be typical without the added pressure. Here’s how to respond with care – and to avoid making matters worse.

You’re in a Crisis Situation. Now What?
Emotions are running high. Information is emerging at light speed. Don’t ignore the issue and hope it passes. Now’s a critical time for your company to act swiftly and thoughtfully.

Getting Back on Track
After a crisis passes, you might be wondering how to move forward — but it’s not as straightforward as simply returning to business as usual. Your next moves matter more than ever.

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