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Every company has a story, yet who really knows your story? Communicating in the public eye is both an art and science – and your public relations strategy needs to be executed with care and creativity.

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Media Relations is Central to Public Relations

Public relations strategies utilize unpaid or “earned” communication tactics to tell your story and build a reputation. The most common PR tactic is media outreach, as the objective stamp of a journalist can increase credibility and thought leadership beyond the controlled messaging of advertising campaigns. We can help you execute a thoughtful PR strategy that tells your story to the right people at the right times.

  • Integrated: We don’t execute public relations campaigns in silos, nor do we chase media opportunities that don’t ultimately meet the business’ higher objectives. Moreover, we ensure PR campaigns are synced to other marketing and business development initiatives.
  • Media Experts: Our team members, including former journalists, are experts at landing stories and building relationships with media outlets at the local, national and trade levels. We have many established relationships and intimately understand best practices, the value of “newsworthiness” and what’s really important (and not important) to journalists covering your industry.
  • Targeted: Every company has different goals and target audiences. For some, it’s most effective to be on TV or on the cover of a daily newspaper. For others, it’s more prudent to communicate within a niche industry publication or blog. We target media that will help you achieve business goals.

Awards & Rankings Enhance Credibility

You’ve built an amazing business with an amazing team doing amazing things. Public recognition of these efforts is one of the fastest and surefire ways to enhance credibility and capture the attention of prospective clients. Yet being incredible, alone, isn’t enough. We can help you identify recognitions in your industry and tell your story in a compelling manner so judges realize your efforts among competitors.

Speaking Engagements Foster Meaningful Connections

What better way to showcase your expertise than speaking directly to your target audience? We can guide you throughout the process:

  • Identify speaking engagements that make sense for your business development goals
  • Develop nominations that enable you to stand out among your competitors
  • Create a captivating presentation that drives your key points home and incites action

Public Relations Supports SEO

Yep, that’s right. Traditional public relations tactics can play a pivotal role in search engine optimization (SEO). By strategically targeting digital media outlets and online rankings with existing SEO value, we can create a linking strategy utilizing your expertise and credibility, rather than old-school and outdated attempts to game the system.


We also understand how Google “quality” guidelines work, meaning we can develop content that drives organic interest to your website from across the web and social networks.

Integrate PR & Marketing Strategies for Optimal Exposure

Your PR efforts should not be siloed. We integrate public relations campaigns with content marketing, social media marketing and digital marketing tactics to ensure key message repetition and increase brand awareness among the right people.

Learn More About Public Relations

We know how to capture attention and maximize PR opportunities. By enlisting the communications professionals at Aker Ink, your message will reach the right audience when you need it to, increase  brand awareness and take advantage of valuable opportunities when they arise.

Want to know more about how we can support your public relations efforts? We dive in on our blog:

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We can make your brand shine and customers sing. The message, the look, the delivery – they can all impact the bottom line. See what we can do for you.

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